Corporate Overview

Super Talent Technology Corporation, headquartered in San Jose, California, designs and manufactures a full range of DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 memory modules and Flash based storage solutions for Enterprise Servers, Workstations, Personal Computers and Consumer Electronics. An ISO 9001 certified company, Super Talent utilizes its state-of-the art factory and leading-edge components to produce award winning products with exceptional performance and outstanding reliability. Super Talent is an active member of JEDEC, ONFI and USB-IF standards bodies, and holds over 200 patents in Flash and DRAM technology. Engineered in Silicon Valley

Super Talent's Silicon Valley based electrical, mechanical, and software Engineering teams develop leading-edge DRAM and Flash memory solutions for a multitude of applications. Our US-based engineering enables Super Talent to bring advanced new products and technologies to market well ahead of the competition. A leading innovator, Super Talent holds over 200 patents on DRAM and Flash module design and manufacturing processes, making Super Talent one of the world's chief patent holders in memory device categories. Super Talent is an active member of JEDEC, the association that defines future memory standards. The company is a technical leader in producing industry standard memory modules as well as in developing custom memory solutions.
 Key Patents Include:

DDR DIMMS: 5,841,686; 5,982,653; 5,996,880; 6,542,393; 6,775,139; 6,933,209; 7,023,700; 7,215,551;
USB Flash Drives: 6,547,130; 6,854,984; 6,874,044; 6,993,618; 7,004,780; 7,004,794; 7,021,971; 7,035,110; 7,044,802; 7,052,287; 7,073,010; 7,074,052; 7,082,056; 7,094,074; 7,095,617; 7,103,684; 7,104,848; 7,108,560; 7,125,287; 7,126,559; 7,182,646; 7,186,147; 7,235,423; 7,243,185; 7,249,978; 7,252,518; 7,257,714; 7,259,967; 7,269,004; 7,297,024; 7,318,117
Flash Cards: 6,547,130; 6,874,044; 7,009,846; 7,032,827; 7,069,369; 7,082,056; 7,103,684; 7,104,807; 7,126,873; 7,173,826; 7,174,628; 7,243,185; 7,257,714; 7,296,345; 7,299,316
Solid State Drives: 7,243,185; 6,547,130; 6,874,044; 7,004,780; 7,082,056; 7,073,010; 7,104,807; 7,126,873; 7,130,958; 7,243,185; 7,257,714; 7,299,316; 7,318,117
Taiwan Patents: 164,796; 095,968; 145,103; 178,818; 178,779; 178,845; 206,035; 216,173; 216,933; 201,112; 246,923; 205,100; 230,947; I252,981; I264,152; I264,678;
China patents: 107,391; 255,645 State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

With state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities in both USA and China, Super Talent has over 20 highly automated surface mount (SMT) assembly lines. The company relies on its 20-years of experience making memory products and adherence to strict quality standards to produce high quality products with outstanding reliability. Quality Assurance

All of our products are rigorously qualified in Super Talent's compatibility labs, and are then tested and approved by top motherboard manufacturers and other industry partners. Every memory product from the production line is subject to essential hardware and software testing standards for consistency and functionality. Our intensive quality control and testing procedures are designed to ensure the highest possible product quality. Super Talent's extensive statistical analysis of manufacturing data helps drive constant improvement in operations. Strategic Partners

Super Talent has developed close working relations with a number of industry leaders to help us develop leading edge products, validate our products on a variety of platforms, and to do joint promotions. Some of our strategic partners are:

Super Talent is also an active member of the JEDEC, ONFI and USB-IF standards bodies that define future industry standards for memory and Flash. JEDEC is the leading developer of standards for the solid-state industry, especially for DRAM components and modules. The mission of ONFI (Open NAND Flash Interface) is to develop a standardized NAND Flash interface that allows interoperability between NAND devices. The USB Implementers Forum was formed to provide a support organization and forum for the advancement and adoption of Universal Serial Bus technology. Service and Support

SuperTalent products are backed with excellent service and support through our website and through service professionals in our USA headquarters. Our memory modules and USB drives come with a limited lifetime warranty. Our leadership in product innovation, manufacturing & test, quality and exceptional customer service is the reason why leading OEM’s, System Integrators and VARS continue to choose Super Talent as their preferred memory solutions partner.